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Preparation of the Work

During the conception phase of our mosaics we help ensure that your vision becomes reality with the aid of sketches, drawings and even models allowing you to clarify and visualize your project.

Tapis Jasper Ornamental carpet


On the floor, these mosaics complement many other floor-coverings, parquet, tiles and concrete, adding color and a graphic touch. Encrusted into a waxed concrete floor, this decor is inspired by the traditional use of mosaic as a kind of mineral carpet. 

mosaic carpet mineral


We were freely inspired by Jasper Johns' work to imagine this motif. We used an association of different marbles and stoneware tiles to create the illusion of depth. 

Jasper Johns depth motif
Jasper Johns depth motif, closer view

Pop-star kitchen Credenza


A thousand and one stars for this credenza for special chef. The background is in cream coloured marble.  And the stars in biancone marble and orange and caramel coloured enamels. 

Credenza stars biancone orange


Using an unusual cutting technique we made a fanciful design.

Fanciful design with stars
Unusual cutting technique for fanciful design.

Pythagorus staircase Decoration on the risers


We used concrete and mosaic together, encrusting the risers in this staircase with a contemporary design. The mosaic is a mixture of marble and glass. 

Encrusted risers


The pattern, inspired by Paul Klee uses a repetition of triangular motifs repeated a different scales. 

Paul Klee inspired motif
Paul Klee inspired motif triangles in marble

Network bathroom Network decor


A bathroom with an original touch. This motif could equally well be used in a kitchen. 

Bathroom or kitchen motif


We made this mosaic using a mixture of plain marble and brightly coloured glass. Rather than being a motif, it's more a sensation, the illusion of an optical illusion. 

Optical illusion, brightly coloured glass
Optical illusion, brightly coloured glass
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