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Mosaic pictures

EMAAA also create mosaics on panels and "tableaux" which can displayed like a painting or other work of art. These tableaux are available both tailor-made or at the artists own inspiration. They can be used to highlight materials and personalize your interior.


Marble, ceramics. 
The mosaic evokes the skin of a reptile. 

crocodile inspired mosaic
detail of the mosaic


Marble, stoneware, smalti and flint. 
A dynamic pattern with soft tones, a muted collection of materials. 

A dynamic pattern with soft tones, a muted collection of materials. 
detail of the materials

Via Pasolini

Marble, pebbles, stone and stoneware. 
Colored gradient with details of the graphic qualities of the materials. 

Pebbles, stoneware in color gradient mosaic
detail of the mosaic


Stoneware, white gold tesserae. 
Contemporary Opus Scutulatum. 

Contemporary Opus Scutulatum with stoneware.
detail of a contemporary Opus Scutulatum with stoneware.


Marbles, smalti from Venice. Inspired by Indian fabrics. A refined and precious design. 

Inspired by Indian fabrics.
Khajuraho, red smalti

Ruin marble

Stoneware, litovi. Felt made by Cécile Paulet. An original association of unusual materials. 

Imitation of ruin marble with felt and mosaic
detail of an imitation of a ruin marble with felt and mosaic

Homage to Zao Wou-Ki

Sienese yellow marble. An interpretation in this luminous mosaic of a semi-precious stone. 

Homage to Zao Wou-Ki in mosaic
Homage to Zao Wou-Ki in mosaic, detail

Via Castagnevizza

Marbre, pierre, galet, terre cuite, résine. Peinture abstraire minérale. Série inspirée de murs patinés par le temps.

Marble, stone, pebbles, terracotta, resin. In this series inspired by patinated and decrepit old walls, an abstract mineral painting. 

Abstract mineral painting inspired by patinated old walls
Abstract mineral painting, detail.

Terra incognita

Marble. With contrasting sizes and relief of the tesserae, a rereading of antique mosaics. 

 A rereading of antique mosaics
Contrasting sizes and relief of the tesserae.

Plage de Normandie, Nuit

Marble, flint and stoneware are composing this mosaic.The flints were found on a Normandy beach. Waves have gradually released the closed flints within the chalk cliff. 

silex de plage
mosaïque de silex ronds

La Pluie, diptyque

Marble, stoneware, smalti, gold tesserae. Like the rain sweeping the window, the mosaic flowing in small lines.

Dégradé de lignes en mosaïque
détail de la mosaïque la pluie
Meilleurs Ouvriers de France
Mosaïque d’art